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RevertAid First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit


Thermo Scientific RevertAid First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit is a complete system for efficient synthesis of first strand cDNA from RNA templates. The kit uses RevertAid Reverse Transcriptase (RT), a recombinant M-MuLV RT which maintains activity at 42-50°C and is suitable for synthesis of cDNA up to 13 kb. RiboLock RNase Inhibitor, supplied with the kit, effectively protects RNA templates from degradation.

The RevertAid First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit is supplied with both oligo(dT)18 and random hexamer primers. The oligo(dT)18 primer anneals selectively to the poly(A) tail of mRNA. Random hexamer primers do not require the presence of the poly(A) tail, therefore, they can be used for transcription of the 5'-end regions of mRNA or cDNA synthesis of RNA species lacking a poly(A) tail (e.g., microRNAs). Gene-specific primers may also be used with the kit.


• Full-length first strand cDNA up to 13 kb

• Optimum reaction temperature 42°C

• Complete kit—all the components for the RT reaction are included


• First strand cDNA synthesis for RT-PCR and RT-qPCR

• Construction of full length cDNA libraries

• Antisense RNA synthesis

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