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X-Gal Solution ready-to-use


X-Gal Solution, ready-to-use

Thermo Scientific X-Gal (5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-beta-D-galacto-pyranoside) is an inert chromogenic substrate for beta-galactosidase which hydrolyzes X-Gal into colorless galactose and 4-chloro-3-brom-indigo, forming an intense blue precipitate. Induction of the lacZ gene with IPTG leads to the hydrolysis of X-Gal and to the development of blue colonies (see Supporting data).

X-Gal Solution, ready-to-use, is stable, 0.22 µm membrane filtered solution formulated for direct use in conjunction with IPTG for blue/white colony screening.


• Blue/white colony screening to distinguish recombinant (white) from non-recombinant (blue) colonies
• Visualization of beta-galactosidase reporter gene expression in transfected eukaryotic cells
• Detection of beta-galactosidase activity in immunological and histochemical procedures

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