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Sephadex G-25 is well established gel filtration resin for desalting and buffer exchange in industrial applications

  • Quickly desalts, removes contaminants and transfers to a new buffer in a single step.
  • Excellent recovery and minimum sample dilution
  • Available in prepacked HiTrap Desalting columns for fast and convenient desalting
  • BioProcess resin supported for industrial applications and well-established for desalting and buffer exchange in industrial applications

Sephadex is a gel filtration resin prepared by crosslinking dextran with epichlorohydrin. Different types of Sephadex differ in their degree of cross-linking and hence in their degree of swelling and their molecular fractionation range. Sephadex G-25 is one of five different G-types ranging from G-10 for small molecules to G-75 for larger molecules. Sephadex G-25 is available in 4 different particle sizes (Course, Medium, Fine & Superfine).

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